This library contains only a selection of our pictures, currently approx. 10,000 files. It's purpose is to provide you with photos for your presentations, brochures and reports. The full range of our picture library with way more than 100,000 photos is not accessible online. However, this online library is constantly growing.

The library contains only photos of photographers who have signed our agreement and have granted us the right to use their photos. Those photos may be downloaded by FZS staff and used for FZS purposes. However, photos with limited use rights, are not downloadable. You will have to contact us for these files. If you require more or different photos please check our full data base at the HQ comms office (not available online) or contact us at

Please do observe the copyright information in each gallery.

Please also see our FAQ


Photos are sorted by Continent -> Country -> Area -> Photographer (due to different use rights granted by the photographers).

Please try "Search" if you are looking for something specific.